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About Us at Mast Roofing

Professional and Expert Roofing Contractor

Specializing in the restoration and repair of commercial, industrial, government, and institutional roofs in Northern California.

Advanced Premiere Materials – With over 20 years in the field experience, we have seen the challenges that come from withstanding the hot and cold seasons ranging from Redding’s heat to Montana and North Dakota’s cold. The bad and ugly always come to the surface sooner than later when inferior products are used. 

We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers’ of the superior roof restoration products we employ.  The Conklin Company entered the commercial roofing products industry by revolutionizing it with energy saving, renewable, acrylic materials over 45 years ago.  

They originated the “Cool Roof” featured by the Department of Energy, and later received their Energy Star designations.  Conklin continues to be a leader in the commercial roofing industry with their innovative products. We have been proud users of Conklin Roofing Systems since the beginning, with warranties on almost exclusively every commercial roof we have installed across 5 states. 

We have seen the good, better and best of what’s out there. More recently we have added to our artillery of options, Duralast PVC membranes, and Triton rubber systems.  Each of these Manufacturer’s is a leader in the industry in their respective niches, giving us a wide array of options to choose from when making the mission-critical decision on what fits best on YOUR roof.

Samuel Mast – Co-founder and president, draws from a rich family history in construction.  Before coming west, the Mast family lived in the Amish communities of Pennsylvania and Ohio, where barn and house-raising was a common practice shared by all.  Beyond the learning of practical construction skills, Samuel acquired a strong work ethic, a high moral and ethical standard, and a sense of belonging and responsibility to the community around him.  This standard serves as a fundamental element in every transaction this company enters into.

Samuel Mast and his wife Esther, as well as their four children, reside in Redding, California where Mast Roofing is based.

Free Consultation – WE will personally discuss your needs with you after a thorough inspection of your roof.  You will receive a free, no obligation, in-depth assessment of the challenges and possible solutions for your particular roof, and of course a thorough bid.

Guarantee – Last but not least, Mast Roofing offers not only the very best products and workmanship, but also their guarantee.  As we all know, warranties are only as good as the company and people behind them.  Mast Roofing has a demonstrable reputation of quality, on-time, and clean performance; but even more than that, a proven track record that is validated by our many satisfied customers. 

We invite you to read the reviews and testimonials on this website, and to call or email us for a free consultation and quote.

Samuel Mast


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Our History

Superior Commercial Roofing Services

1999 - 2024

20+ Years of Experience

Since 2003 we have specialized in long term energy saving, renewable solutions for flat, low sloped and other commercial roofs. We are licensed in five states including, of course, California. We demonstrate the kind of permanence you require in a roofing company with 20 plus years experience in general construction, including turn-key projects, and over 12 years as certified, licensed and bonded commercial roofing contractors.

Why Choose Us

Eight Reasons Other People Are People Choosing Us

Stop Leaks

Leaks are the most compelling factor driving a building owner to repair or renew an existing roof.


We have time tested (20+ years) applications in temperatures from 50F be low zero to 120F above.

Save Energy

All top coatings are Energy Star rated. Save Energy in Summer Heat and in the winter cold.


Reduced costs generate payback, up front and ongoing.

Better than New

Our System creates a unique monolithic strata that is intimately bonded to the existing structure.

Any Roof

Flat roofs, Low pitch roofs, Metal roofs, Membrane and EPDM, TPO, PVC, EPDM, CSPE, CPA.

No Tear Off

In most situations no tear off at all is required. In some cases partial removal is necessary.

Sustainable / Green

Reduce air infiltration to reduce heat gain in summer, loss in winter. Reflect Solar Rays up to 85%.

Working With The Best

Our Partners

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